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miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

Come back to home

I know, english. This is not normal, this is only an special post, a gift for a friend. Okey, not whatever friend, an special one.
And as i always say, we have to be realistic. My english it's not so good for use it in a post, in my blog, so i apologize if maybe i made mistakes.

About come back home... I only have one word: complicated.
I was one the of the girls who didnt understand why people who travel were not so happy for comming back. Come back to your home, your bed, your family, your way.
But when you go out from your place, out from your comfort bubble your world change. Well, maybe it is not your world, maybe it is just your point of view.

Even get up from the bed, open the refrigerator is different, the problem is nobody change, nobody except you. People don't understand why you are so weird, why you are so quiet, why you enjoy more being alone.

One of my favorite writers wrote an article called: "Lugares perfectos, estancias cortas" (Perfect places, short stay). Such a kind of perfect tittle for stories when you travel. But maybe that is the point, you don't stay for a long time. Good things are not durable.

But what happen when you let your heart in that "perfect place". You arrive to your home, is "your place". Supposedly, it is your place in the world, but what happen when your heart is asking you about that "place".

Where is your place? Have you ever fought between your heart and your brain? Have you ever fought between what you should do and what you want to do? Sometimes, it is more than a dream, more than a homework, sometimes it's just the connection with that place. A connection with its own way of life, its own rhythm.

Come back to home it is more than take an airplane. Come back home, it is take all the experiences, loves, hates, tastes, friendships and keep them into your heart.

Here or there... Wherever wind blows.

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